The total area of ​​the real estate «Lauvas» is 32 hectares. According to the Detailed Plan the largest part of the territory is intended for private houses (single family or two-family residential houses) with units of land of 1200 m² to 1600 m² and for service objects.

The area along the national road A9 Rīga-Liepaja is intended for mixed business use, ideal for Gas Station purpose. This specific 1 ha commercial land plot is going to be separated and it is now for sale.


Land Plot is situated on “A9” Riga-Liepaja with direct access to the main road, with intense traffic.

LAND PLOT size: 1.0 ha 

Mixed business area of ​​10.000 m² can be separated from main land plot.

Access to the land unit is provided from the municipal road.

The following objects can be located in the mixed business area:

  • Business premises,
  • Premises of trade and services,
  • Gas stations,
  • Administration object,
  • Cultural institutions,
  • Medical institutions,
  • Social care institutions,
  • Science institutions,
  • Educational institutions,
  • Engineering objects and networks.

Access to the real estate is from the municipal road witch is connected to the national road. Access to newly created land units will be provided from the internal road network.

Since the land unit is located along to the national road, it is purposeful to locate trade or service objects or a Gas station.

Land plot total area is 10.000 m², building density allowed in a mixed business land unit is 40% (4000 m²), considering the existing burdens (state road section and protection zone, construction site from the municipality road and the newly built road) real possible building area is 3620 m².

Number of buildings is not limited.

The maximum permitted number of floors of new-built buildings is 2 floors.

The maximum permitted height of the buildings is 12m, the corner accent is allowed up to 16m.

Minimum green and landscaped part of land unit is set 30% (3000m²).

PRICE: 250.000 EUR (25 EUR/sqm)