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General overview

In the last 12-13 years, operating quickly and professionally in the Baltic States Real Estate market has become a profitable business. In all the Baltic Region, market prices were pushed up by a fast growing economies till 2008, then they dropped down due to a strong international crisis.

Following strictly all the European Union measures, after several important political/economical decisions and serious cuts to Latvian budget, the Latvian economy is now recovering fast and also R.E. market restarted.

 Latvian Real Estate market is offering again profitable opportunities of investments in several areas both for local and international investors.

SQM Invest is taking advantage from all kind of situations, operating directly on the market; our organization is based on a strong experience in medium-small scale investments, focused to minimize the risks and maximize safety and profit.

Our vision of a Real Estate investment is clear: it has to be safe and based only on real numbers.

Our clients needs are perfectly matching with our company approach, be cause we focus only on profitable and safe deals.

We always achieve our targets with a good local knowledge and sometimes we are even involved as business partners.

Core Business – Main Activities – company profile

SQM Invest is an Ltd company based in RIGA, (Latvia); it was founded in 2006, with the purpose to consult and invest in the Latvian Real Estate market.

Since that time, we have been  working together with investors in a “team”, so that all the aspects of Real Estate purchase and sales are followed, our “team” will optimize timing of the purchase and sales.

The idea behind SQM Invest is to find the best opportunities available in the market, buy/sell Real Estate properties or land, being at the right time in the right place.

Into bankruptcy auctions, through our bank connections, local network, and over viewing the market through publications and websites, we are constantly looking for the best opportunities and first hand information participating.

We are consulting to buy/sell Real Estate objects:

–          land plots (with and without approved projects)

–          houses (new and/or to renovate)

–          apartments

–          commercial spaces

Operative Fields:

SQM Invest is able to take care of all the aspects involved in the Real Estate business:

–          marketing research

–          discovering best deals

–          due diligence analysis

–          negotiation process

–          legal aspects

–          final purchase/sell agreement

–          management of properties

–          advertisement

We make sure all the contracts and agreements are handed according to the Latvian regulations and Civil Law, also providing great Legal Advisors and bookkeeping service.

Alberto_035a_web sqm-1  Alberto Fiorini (Chairman of the Board)

Our Team: