Area: 947 m2

A perfect land plot in a very beautiful location in the heart of Kipsala.

Mixed building area

Max 3 storey building allowed (max. 12 m high)

Mixed building areas are divided into mixed construction with residential function territory and mixed building with production and business function area.

Mixed building with residential function area of the area where the primary use is:

  • Apartment buildings,
  • Commercial facilities,
  • Commercial and service facilities constructions.

Concerning the secondary use, the other authorized constructions in the area:

Mixed building with living area secondary use is:

  • Twin house;
  • traffic infrastructure object;
  • educational institution;
  • a public authority;
  • cultural institution;
  • scientific authority;
  • medical institution;
  • social care and rehabilitation institution;
  • sports building;
  • Vehicle Storage;
  • Fuel and gas filling station.

Mixed building in a residential area features the following conditions:

Maximum intensity of the land is:

  • 80% in case of 2 storey building. (757,6 sqm)
  • 110% in case of 3 storey building. (1.141,7 sqm)

Minimum land area that is free (density):

  • 50% in case of 2 storey building. (473,5 sqm)
  • 40% in case of storey building. (378,8 sqm)

 Price: 445.000 EUR